Each term at MPS we choose a new integrated topic so that several curriculum areas can be covered using the same unit of work across the school. 
These topics may be chosen as a result of national interest, or be of interest to our local community.
As far as possible, we cover the curriculum areas of Health, Technology, Science, the Arts and Social Science in the units of work.
We usually start with a "big question" that will be explored by the students using the inquiry learning process, for example, the science topic of "Astronomical Systems" could have the "big question" Why do we explore space? 
This allows for a lot of different focus areas across other curriculum subjects - ie health (space travel) technology (space craft & requirements for other planets), literacy, (poetic and report writing) the arts, (music involving the space theme) and numeracy (data displays involving space and space travel).
Through integrating the curriculum we believe we can increase the depth of understanding students have of their world and provide a rich learning environment.

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Room 14 made Rockets from small film canisters
and coloured paper.  They used Alka Seltzer tablets
and water to launch the Rockets in assembly.


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