MPS Librarians 2019

DJ Reiri

Mason Gadd

Peyton Taylor

Alexia Apiata

Stevie Walczak

Monique Wilton-Wickliffe

Max Senior

Maddie Fabling

Leigh Rimene-Mcrae

Bailey Hourigan

Zadin Morgan

Matariki Petuha Connor

Shilo Lamb



Student Librarians are selected from Year 6 students only. Students are presented
with a Badge to show people they are a Library Monitor and have an important
role in the school.
If you would like to contact the people in charge of the Library, please call our office
and ask to speak to:

Anne Donald



Tracey Birchall




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Library Monitor Job Description

For more information on how students can become a Library Monitor, click on the library badge below for a job description.




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