Senior Syndicate Years 5 - 6

Sarah Broughton (Team Leader)

Years 5 and 6 Room 12 Sarah Sulzberger
Years 5 and 6 Room 13 Shona Purcell
Years 5 and 6 Room 14 Sarah Broughton

Senior Syndicate Art

Self Portraits from Room 3

Tyler Bewley, Odhinn Gaskin, Jackson Bewley, Paige McCarthy, J.jay Hemi.

Senior Syndicate Newsletters

  Classroom newsletters will be sent home at the beginning of each term to keep parents up to date with classroom activities, curriculum areas covered etc. Click on the relative links below for your child's class newsletter.


Room 12 - Sarah Sulzberger

Room 13 - Shona Purcell

Room 14 - Sarah Broughton


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