Support Staff

Karen Fielding

Administration Manager 

Keri Hughes

Administration / ICT Assistant 

Karen Cox

Learning Support / Kids Klub Co-ordinator

Tracey Birchall

Library Assistant

Jeanette Wyeth

Teacher Aide


Janice Lenz

Teacher Aide

Denise Forman

Teacher Aide/Kids Klub Supervisor

Anna Carston

Teacher Aide

Vikki Graham

Teacher Aide

Ant Feringa

School Caretaker

Racheal Wilkie

Teacher Aide

Raewyn Towgood

School Cleaner

Cheryl Fleet

School Cleaner


Tracy Chapman

Teacher Aide



Genna Carr

Teacher Aide



 Memphis Harmon

Kids Klub Assistant




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MPS Support Staff

Masterton Primary School currently has 13 support staff members.


NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language)

Masterton Primary School is lucky to have a variety of skilled Support Staff.  Learning Support Teacher Aide - Karen Cox assists students with hearing, speech and language difficulties.  Karen is a New Zealand Sign Language Tutor and her sign language skills are a huge asset to our school.  Staff as well as students love to learn from her.


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