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We have an attractive new school with great facilities that provides for a wonderful learning environment. At Masterton Primary School, our students are encouraged to be confident learners, whose values and sense of personal identity are recognised. We challenge our students to be open to new ideas, be able to realise their own dreams, talents and personal visions and be fully involved in whole-school life. Our teachers provide high quality education where students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to strive for excellence, taking the risks necessary to continue learning in what will be a challenging and unpredictable future. We want our students at Masterton Primary to be equipped not only with the “foundation skills” of literacy and numeracy but also with a range of key competencies and future-oriented attributes (including information technology). We encourage our students to be “Motivated, Positive and Successful” and the learning experiences that our school provides ensures that students keep this vision in mind. We believe that helping students to have faith in their own ability will be the best guarantee for them to achieve future success.


Sue Walters



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