Masterton Primary have been developing our local curriculum through our MPS Design for Learning (DFL). We put the student at the centre and teachers plan for the needs of students while developing agentic learners. We incorporate the Vision, Principles and Values of the NZ Curriculum to ensure students’ cultural capital is incorporated in planning.

We balance hands on, active and play based learning with digital literacy and formal learning.
We explore the arts with students and recognise their value in student hauora/wellbeing and we use EOTC and EFS opportunities in our school environment for learning.

We encourage integration across the curriculum areas and teachers use a professional inquiry approach to continually improve teaching practice.

Through PB4L Positive Behaviour for Learning we have developed MPS Expectations so we have a consistent, culturally responsive approach to school wide behaviour management. We aim to maintain a positive and safe learning environment, whilst teaching children the skills to be engaged learners.

Motived to Learn-Positive Behaviour-Successful Relationships

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Room 10 'Robots for Maths'

Room 10 'Robots for Maths'