School Description.

Masterton Primary School is a new decile 3 contributing school for Y1 – Y6 pupils at the southern end of Masterton. Ten new classrooms, an administration block and Library were built for the beginning of 2006.
The school staff consists of the Principal, 2 Deputies who are also our Team Leaders. Classroom teachers and specialist teachers are supported by a group of paraprofessionals – teacher aides, administration and grounds staff. The Board of Trustees currently comprises of 5 members, a staff representative and the Principal.

Our school provides a safe, attractive, caring and supportive environment for all pupils and staff. The school operates an open door policy and encourages community involvement wherever possible.

Our pupils are provided with many learning opportunities. Reading Recovery programmes are in place for identified pupils as are other specific programmes for students having particular learning needs. Programmes for pupils with special abilities are also planned.

All staff strive to ensure that all children feel accepted and valued and willingly provide an atmosphere conducive to learning.

In addition to our committed staff, our Board of Trustees and Parent Teacher Association assist in promoting a strong partnership with our school community for the benefit of our pupils.

Working together we can ensure that Masterton Primary School continues as one of Masterton’s leading educational facilities.