About Masterton Primary

Masterton Primary School was established in 2004 as a result of the Ministry of Education school merger, between Harley Street School and Masterton Central School. The decision was made to close Harley Street School and for the staff and students to move to the Masterton Central School site. Almost the entire school was demolished and a completely new one was built on the site. We have 12 brand new classrooms, and a new Library and Administration area. Our students were witness to the entire demolition and reconstruction of the old and new buildings. It was an amazing process to go through and I look back at how much our staff, students and their families had to endure at that time (imagine trying to work while just outside your classroom there’s a huge bulldozer knocking down a classroom or a concrete truck pouring cement!) I can tell you, it was hard, but what awed me above all else was how the children coped with the complete and utter disruption that soon became part of their daily life at MPS, children were of course glued to the windows at first, as we all were, watching the demolition going on around them, but after a while they got used to it and carried on with their daily activities. They will certainly have some pretty neat stories to tell their children as they have experienced something not many children their age would get to see (The destruction and reconstruction of an entire school!!!!) Masterton Primary School is a wonderful school with lots of educational opportunities, support programmes and a caring and friendly staff.

Junior Syndicate Murals