Trust Badge

The Trust Badges are

  • awarded to year 6 students only
  • awarded over the year as students are nominated
  • to be worn by the holder at all times
  • awarded only to students who meet the following criteria

Criteria for Trust Badges
The student has consistently demonstrated

  • reliability
  • responsibility
  • trustworthiness in all contexts
  • respect for others
  • courtesy towards peers and adults
  • independence
  • an ability to moderate their behaviour in a range of situations
  • an ability to be a positive role model for younger students
  • their willingness to help others

Trust Badge Holders Rights and Responsibilities

  • Access to the library, hall, staffroom, resource rooms without supervision
  • Act as ambassadors for the school and guides for visitors
  • Thank visitors who come to the school
  • Can work in their classrooms at break times

Trust Badge Students 2024



Hunter Viles – Room 12

Rebekah Patterson – Room 13

Sahana Prakash – Room 14


Awards Ceremony

Trust Badge nominations are to be raised at the weekly staff meetings as teachers and other staff believe it to be appropriate.
Trust Badges will be awarded in the whole school assembly.
The parents of Trust Badge students will be notified of their child’s success and invited to attend the award ceremony.