Year Room
New Entrants & Year 1 Room1 Sue Smith
New Entrants & Year 1 Room2 Tash McQueen
Years 1 and 2 Room3 Chris Burt
Year 2 Room4 Emma St Clair
Year 2 Room 5 Deb Carman
Year 1 Room 6 Paula Edwards
Years 2 and 3 Room 7 Denise Hancox

We Are Room 2

Junior Syndicate Newsletters

Classroom newsletters will be sent home at the beginning of each term to keep parents up to date with classroom activities, curriculum areas covered etc.
Click on the relative links below for your child’s class newsletter.

Room 1 Mrs Sue Smith
Room 2 Mrs Tash McQueen
Room 3 Miss Chris Burt
Room 4 Miss Emma St Clair
Room 5 Ms Deb Carman
Room 6 Miss Paula Edwards
Room 7 Mrs Denise Hancox